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Automated Mixed Case Palletizing

Retailers are challenged with receiving thousands of single SKU pallets from suppliers and then re-assembling the pallets into mixed case orders for their retail stores.

Traditional case pick and pallet building methods are labor intensive and often rely on manual lifting of cases, leaving workers vulnerable to injuries. Furthermore, order accuracy issues, product damage, and unstable pallets are too common in many operations. To remedy these issues, Dematic has developed a new solution, called AMCAP®,  to automate mixed case order fulfillment, allowing retailers to become cost effective and more competitive. AMCAP combines scalability with a compact footprint, enabling integration into existing brownfield facilities, and allowing flexible throughput variations up to several thousand cases per hour.

High performance and accuracy 

The AMCAP overall design concept enables a high palletizing rate while eliminating picking and handling errors. The palletizer achieves impressive throughput rates, continuing to operate while pallets are being exchanged. It outperforms all other automated systems and manual palletizing methods. AMCAP, as a fully automated system, enables multiple shift operation. In combination with the small footprint it achieves the lowest cost per case and therefore a compelling return on investment. It optimizes the entire order assembly process and achieves the best floor space utilization. Through automated handling and high availability, the number of required operators is reduced to a minimum, order picking accuracy is improved, and human errors are eliminated.

Store pallets built to customer requirements

The Dematic software develops the pallet building pattern based on customer requirements. The stacking sequence is determined using SKU master data such as dimensions, weight, packaging quality, and other attributes. 

Case handling without trays

The entire system is designed for case handling without using trays to support each case. This omits the need for dedicated equipment for tray merge, de-traying and tray buffering. Direct case handling from depalletizer to palletizer lowers the risk of accidental case damaging and saves additional cost due to footprint minimization.

High pallet density reducing transport cost 

A substantial reduction of transport costs is achieved by boosting outbound pallet density with Dematic Software. Based on the case attributes and business rules, the software generates volume-optimized, stable, and store friendly pallets or roller containers. This lowers freight costs by maximizing the use of truck trailer transport space.

High pallet stability 

The AMCAP system includes an integrated stretch wrapping function in the pallet building process. After the pallet is finished it is completely wrapped which ensures a stable and safe transportation. 

Benefits of AMCAP 

  • Precise sequencing of cases on the pallet
  • ƒƒHigh order accuracy
  • ƒƒReduction in warehouse labor & injuries
  • ƒƒCompact footprint in existing space
  • ƒƒLess potential for product damage
  • ƒƒHigh-density pallets with lower transport costs
  • ƒƒƒƒLower cost per case handled
  • ƒƒScalability to accommodate change & growth