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High Productivity, High Volume, Low-Cost Conveying and Sorting Solutions

Ageing convey and sort hubs, increased use of parcel shipping by traditional customers combined with the growth of internet retailing and new parcel shipping services are driving parcel processing and shipping suppliers to upgrade and expand hub infrastructure.

Dematic Approach

Dematic provides parcel processing and sorting solutions for parcel logistics providers, ranging from regional logistics service providers to large global parcel shipping corporations, thereby supporting low, medium, and high volume parcel processing requirements. These solutions are engineered to accommodate the specific application needs of parcel processors and carriers, such as configurations that support seasonal peaks, accurate high rate sorting, non proprietary controls, and modular architecture to accommodate rapid maintenance and repair. Typical solutions are designed to optimise the processes involved including inbound, in-line weighing, scanning, consolidation, sorting, and truck loading, along with the ability to handle a variety of load types: cartons, cases, trays, totes, bags, and envelopes.

Dematic brings a non-biased, data driven, industrial engineering approach to the development of each parcel system. Dematic has the process improvement engineering experience and expertise to design high performance solutions, with hundreds of successful implementations operating in low to high volume parcel processing operations around world. At the core of each solution is the system design and layout configuration including robust convey and sort technology engineered for the rigorous demands of parcel sorting applications. 

Systems may be comprised of a single solution such as induct and sort, or they may include all the operational functions in the cross-docking arrangement from inbound to outbound. Dematic engineers each system as a modular, flexible, scalable solution to accommodate changing activity, average to peak capacity and future growth. Dematic guarantees successful system performance while creating a strong ROI

  • Reduce processing time, space requirements, and labour to operate 
  • Optimise material and information flow, processes, activities 
  • Increase throughput, accuracy and ergonomics

Parcel Supply Chain Trends

  • Internet buying growth continues
  • Faster response to consumers – same day delivery – including weekends
  • Free shipping as incentive
  • Smaller order sizes – smaller packaging
  • Large item shipping B2C (big screen TVs)
  • Home delivery includes perishables – grocery, home health care products

Economic Drivers

  • Growth in B2C shipments for eCommerce
  • Labour availability
  • Variety of package sizes wider
  • Consumer demand for next/same day delivery
  • Security – home delivery, pharmaceuticals

Sorting Out Sortation

Sorting Out Sortation

With increasing labour costs and supply chain pressures for faster and more accurate and responsive operations, automated sortation systems are finding their way into more and more supply chains, delivering productivity, throughput capacity, accuracy, and accountability for businesses, and a cost effective and efficient flow of goods to consumers.

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Typical Solutions



Fast, Accurate Shipping with Real-Time Visibility

Typical Solutions

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Dematic Software

Dematic Software is a knowledge-based logistics platform that provides information needed to swiftly adapt and optimize supply chain fulfillment operations on a real-time basis, whether on-site or remote.

Using advanced analytics, Dematic Software derives more value from warehouse and enterprise data by collecting and delivering it in real-time via intuitive dashboards on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

FedEx Ground

“We touch a package twice. We touch it at unload and again at load, That’s it.”

Managing Hub Director
FedEx Ground

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