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Improving Distribution Operations for Fulfilling Orders Direct to Consumers

Pure Play internet retailers, along with traditional retailers with an e-Commerce channel, accommodate the precise order accuracy, processing speed, small order sizes and peak volumes with modular, flexible, and scalable order fulfillment solutions from Dematic.

Dematic Approach

Dematic provides order fulfilment solutions for eCommerce wholesalers and retailers, ranging from small specialty product companies to large global corporations, thereby supporting low, medium, and high volume distribution requirements. These solutions are engineered to accommodate the specific application needs of this channel to market, such as configurations that support variable stock keeping unit velocity, seasonal/promotional peaks, extensive inventory storage capacity, large percentage of single line orders, same day/next day shipping and returns processing. Typical solutions are designed to optimise the processes involved with receiving, storage, put-away, replenishment, case and piece picking, consolidation, order packing, and truck loading, along with the ability to handle a variety of load types: cartons, totes, poly bags, and envelopes. 

Dematic brings a non-biased, activity based, industrial engineering approach to the development of each eCommerce order fulfilment system. Dematic has the process improvement engineering experience and expertise to design high performance solutions, with hundreds of successful customer direct order fulfilment implementations operating with pure-play eCommerce retailers, traditional catalogue/internet retailers, wholesalers and retailers worldwide. At the core of each solution is the system design and the strategic management software that provides real time control, visibility and operational insight. 

Systems may be comprised of a single solution such as the pick and pack operation, or they may include all the operational functions from receiving to shipping. Dematic engineers each system as a modular, flexible, scalable solution to accommodate changing activity profiles, average to peak capacity and future growth. Dematic guarantees successful system performance while creating a strong ROI

  • Reduce warehouse space requirements, fulfilment time, and labour 
  • Optimise material and information flow, processes, activities 
  • Increase throughput, accuracy and ergonomics

eCommerce Supply Chain Trends

  • Hard to predict changes in business – peaks, customer preferences, competition
  • Increasing number of products offered
  • Same day delivery increasing
  • Lots of startups
  • Varying order profiles
  • Returns processing
  • Late order cut-off times
  • Accurate orders
  • Increasing competition from foreign companies


 Economic Drivers

  • Seasonal demand changes can have major impacts on business
  • More frequent, smaller customer orders more costly to manage
  • Labour availability becoming an issue
  • Returns are costly and frequent
  • High SKU base leads to high inventory carrying costs, space issues, and order fulfilment costs
  • Free shipping impacts profits
  • Next day and same day delivery impacts profits

Typical Solutions

RapidStore Mini Load

Automated Container Storage/Dynamic Replenishment

Maximum Capacity with Minimum Footprint

Garment on Hanger System

Automated Garment on Hanger Solutions

Sort, Transport, and Ship Garments on Hanger Fast


Batch Pick to Putwall / Sorter

High Volume Item Picking For Small to Medium Size Orders

Split Case Picking

Directed Split Case Picking

Accurate and Efficient Piece Picking

Goods to Person Piece Picking

Goods-to-Person Item Picking

Maximize Picker Efficiency with Over 1,000 Picks per Hour

High-Volume Packing and Shipping

High-Volume Packing and Shipping System

Fast and Accurate Shipping with Real-Time Visibility

e-Commerce - Optimizing Your Direct-To-Customer Order Fulfilment

Whether you’re a large superstore e-retailer, small specialty e-retailer, or growing startup, Dematic can accommodate your unit velocities, seasonal/promotional peaks, storage capacities, percentage of single line orders, and returns processing.

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Typical Solutions

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Dematic Software

Dematic Software is a knowledge-based logistics platform that provides information needed to swiftly adapt and optimize supply chain fulfillment operations on a real-time basis, whether on-site or remote.

Using advanced analytics, Dematic Software derives more value from warehouse and enterprise data by collecting and delivering it in real-time via intuitive dashboards on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Chain Reaction Cycles

“With Dematic, we decided to deploy voice picking to our warehouse, allowing our picking staff to listen and respond to instructions through a headset, leaving their eyes and hands free to pick efficiently.”

Operations Manager
Chain Reaction Cycles, bike parts e-tailer

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