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Automated Technologies for Efficient and Accurate Document Storage

The need for modern Document and Collection Management systems, along with the growing volume of printed materials, lack of space, and the need for restricted access to materials is creating demand for more efficient, high density automated document storage solutions.

Dematic Approach

Dematic provides document storage solutions for colleges/universities, public libraries, government and private sector businesses. Systems are implemented within new buildings as well as existing building structures. These solutions are engineered to accommodate the specific document storage requirements of colleges/universities, public libraries, Federal Reserve Banks, and financial/insurance services companies. These system configurations can support thousands to millions of documents and include inventory control software to accommodate the strategic business rules of put-away, storage and real time tracking. 

Typical solutions are designed to optimise the processes involved with inducting inbound materials, storing, retrieving and maintaining accurate control of document inventory. Documents are typically loaded into trays for safe storage before inducting into automated high density storage. 

Dematic brings a non-biased, activity based, industrial engineering approach to the development of each system. Dematic has the process improvement engineering experience and expertise to design high performance solutions, with hundreds of successful document storage implementations operating across the world. At the core of each solution is the innovative system design, along with the strategic management software that provides real time control, visibility and operational insight. 

Dematic engineers each system as a modular, flexible, scalable solution to accommodate changing activity, average to peak capacity and future growth. Dematic guarantees successful system performance while creating a strong ROI

  • Reduce space requirements, document retrieval time, and labour 
  • Optimise material and information flow, processes, activities 
  • Increase throughput, accuracy and ergonomics

Document & Collections Management Supply Chain Trends

  • University collections continue to grow despite increasing digital collections
  • Library and archive spaces require accommodation for more patrons and students and less for the collection
  • Patrons desire quick access to collections
  • Collections require a specially conditioned environment in order to best preserve them
  • Software capabilities are allowing better access to digital collections as well as abstracts

Economic Drivers

  • Not feasible to manage large collections in an open stack form
  • Costs to manage volumes are increasing
  • Funding for construction projects is difficult to obtain, necessitating the need to build enough for the future
  • Offsite collection management cannot get volumes to demanding patrons fast enough
  • Use of print media continues to decrease

Automated Library System

Automated Library System Solutions

The Dematic Automated Library System (ALS) uses an automated storage and retrieval machine and a special integrated software control system to provide fully automated high density collection management. To preserve library collections, the ALS can operate in a controlled environment that has the proper humidity, temperature and is free of dust and other contaminates.

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Typical Solutions



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Typical Solutions

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Dematic Software

Dematic Software is a knowledge-based logistics platform that provides information needed to swiftly adapt and optimize supply chain fulfillment operations on a real-time basis, whether on-site or remote.

Using advanced analytics, Dematic Software derives more value from warehouse and enterprise data by collecting and delivering it in real-time via intuitive dashboards on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

University of Chicago

“Access to document materials drives their use. The Dematic system allows us to keep all documents in the library instead of going off-site. If you actually know how library research is done, you realise that off-site storage is very undesirable.”

Chair of University of Chicago’s Library Board

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