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Palletising Systems

Solutions for Automated and Manual Mixed Case Palletising

Dematic offers safe, cost-effective, high performance solutions for both manual and automated mixed case palletising. Dematic ErgoPall uses a combination of automated storage, buffering and sequencing systems, advanced software and materials handling equipment, but still uses people to build the pallets; while Dematic AMCAP is an ultra-high performance fully automated mixed case palletising system.

Smart Dematic software controls all aspects of the order assembly process including pallet breakdown or de-layering, storage, buffering, picking, sequencing, transport and palletising.

The software takes into account different attributes of products – their length, width, height and weight together with stacking criteria factors such as crushability, stability, volume of cases per layer, number of layers, layer patterns, and family group rules unique to stores, departments and aisles to determine the optimum build sequence for each pallet.

Pallets of stock for orders are then automatically delayered or manually broken down and conveyed to a RapidStore Miniload or Multishuttle storage buffer and sequencing system.

When required for an order, the necessary SKUs are automatically picked and transported in the exact sequence required to facilitate pallet assembly.

End-of-Processing-Line Palletising Systems can also be designed to handle individual cartons or full pallet layers of goods.



High Performance Manual Mixed Case Palletising