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Software and IT Consulting Services

Helping Customers Achieve Their Strategic and Operational Objectives

Data centres, monitoring capability and interfaces are integral to keeping your operations running smoothly. Dematic understands the value of these components to your infrastructure and can assist your organisation to ensure they remain intact and operational.

A strong infrastructure enables you to focus on moving your business forward with new mobile solutions, improving the user experience and making sure you avoid disaster — and recover when it hits. A strong and flexible infrastructure will also put you in a position to monitor your operation and data as well as leverage cloud services when appropriate.

Advanced Analytics Services

Building upon the foundation of our Dematic iQ Analytics software, Dematic’s Advanced Analytics team can help you develop a metrics strategy that drives sustainable operational performance. Based upon your business objectives, tailored dashboards and analytics can be delivered quickly to provide deeper dive metrics that go beyond monitoring and short-term trending. You benefit from meaningful KPIs, long term trending, and historical comparisons along with multi- or cross-site comparisons.

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IT Services

With years of customer experience and R&D endeavors, Dematic has refined the applications databases and supporting infrastructure to deliver the sub-millisecond response required to support your distribution center investments. We make sure you have the IT foundation you need to keep your system running optimally to meet your operational demands.

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