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Resident Services

On-Site Support

Dematic Resident Services gives you a dedicated on-site maintenance team, providing immediate support when and where you need it. It also gives you a management system capable of identifying issues before they arise and provides a clear point of responsibility.

Our tailored packages offer a range of options from a small team through to taking full responsibility for all site engineering services.

Your Resident Dematic Team

A Resident Services agreement can provide a cost-effective alternative to existing resources or recruiting new internal resources. We will select and train a dedicated team of Dematic technicians who will work as part of your team, on your site. The number of people in the team, their working hours, scheduling and areas of specialisation can be tailored to your needs covering all Engineering roles including material flow control. Having a Dematic Resident Team will also add value through spare parts supply and management, full technical backup including Hotline, IT and 3rd Party Support. With availability assurance and service level agreements monitored through the use of agreed KPI’s, the risk of not providing system availability is transferred to Dematic. 

Protect your Investment

The cost of contracting staff to look after your system on site can be balanced against the cost of unscheduled repairs and downtime. Even when compared to the best on-call service plans, a Resident Services agreement is the most effective way to protect your investment. 

Service Level Agreements with KPIs

Dematic takes full responsibility for providing planned, corrective or reactive maintenance, as well as troubleshooting and technical support on a day-to-day basis. Maintenance costs, including labour, downtime and parts, can be tracked, measured and reported against efficiency goals and productivity targets.  

Flexible Agreements

Your resident Dematic team will align their services with your business operations, which means they can respond to your daily needs and help your business meet its strategic goals. Our Resident Service teams provide the best maintenance services available today, with specialised knowledge, skills and experience, which in turn will provide the competitive advantage you strive for.

Key Benefits

  • All engineering roles provided including material flow control
  • Recruitment, training, administration and infrastructure
  • Spare part supply and management
  • Hotline, IT and 3rd party support
  • Risk transfer to Dematic for system availability
  • Availability assurance